Interested Parties

ID Name Country Affiliation Email
1 Dong Chen Australia CSIRO [email protected]
2 Shady Attia Belgium University of Liège [email protected]
3 Joseph Lai China The Hong Kong Polytechnic University [email protected]
4 Ming-yin Chan China The Hong Kong Polytechnic University [email protected]
5 Qingshan Jia China Tsinghua University [email protected]
6 Song Pan China Beijing University of Technology [email protected]
7 Yiqun Pan China Tongji University [email protected]
8 Zhun Yu China Hunan University [email protected]
9 Katerina Sojkova Czech Republic Czech Technical University in Prague [email protected]
10 Kim B. Wittchen Denmark Aalborg University [email protected]
11 Per Heiselberg Denmark Aalborg University [email protected]
12 Philip Delff Denmark Technical University of Denmark [email protected]
13 Benjamin Haas France CSTB [email protected]
14 Bruno Duplessis France MINES Paris Tech [email protected]
15 Francois-Pascal Neirac France MINES Paris Tech [email protected]
16 Julie Dugdale France University of Grenoble [email protected]
17 Stephane Ploix France Grenoble Institute of Technology [email protected]
18 Natale Arcuri Italy University of Calabria [email protected]
19 Katashi Matsunawa Japan nekken sekkei limited [email protected]
20 Rui Hu Japan nekken sekkei limited [email protected]
21 Shin-ichi Tanabe Japan Waseda University [email protected]
22 Natasa Nord Norway Norwegian University of Science and Technology [email protected]
23 Anna Bogdan Poland Warsaw University of Technology [email protected]
24 Malgorzata Basinska Poland Poznan University of Technology [email protected]
25 Mariusz Adamski Poland Bialystok University of Technology [email protected]
26 Tomasz Cholewa Poland Lublin University of Technology [email protected]
27 Honjun Moon Republic of Korea Dankook University [email protected]
28 Majid Bin Haji Sapar Singapore Nanyang Technological University [email protected]
29 Mike Barker South Africa  BuildingPhysics ZA [email protected]
30  Bin Yang Sweden Umeå University,  [email protected]
31  Thomas Olofsson Sweden Umeå University [email protected]
32 Joakim Widen Sweden Uppsala University [email protected]
33 Per Sahlin Sweden IDA-ICE [email protected]
34 Claire Das Bhaumik UK Inkling LLP Building Physics Consultancy [email protected]
35 Hu Du UK Cardiff University [email protected] 
36 John Allison UK University of Strathclyde  [email protected]
37 Luis Sousa UK DesignBuilder [email protected]
38 Mahroo Eftekhari UK Loughborough University [email protected]
39 Nigel Gilbert UK University of Surrey [email protected]
40 Oliver Pengelly UK Arup [email protected]
41 Yangang Xing  UK AECOM [email protected]
42 Afshin Afshari United Arab Emirates Masdar Institute of Science and Technology [email protected]
43 Elie Azar United Arab Emirates Masdar Institute of Science and Technology [email protected]
44 Burcin Becerik USA University of Southern California [email protected]
45 Carol C. Menassa USA University of Michigan - Ann Arbor [email protected]
46 Jim Lutz USA Hot Water Research [email protected]
47 John E. Taylor USA Virginia Tech [email protected]
48 Mirsad Hadzikadic USA UNC Charlotte [email protected]
49 Murilo W Bonilha USA UTRC [email protected]
50 Wangda Zuo USA University of Miami [email protected]
51 Zheng O'Neill USA University of Alabama [email protected]
52 Zheng Yang USA Stanford University [email protected]