A camera as a sensor for lighting and shading control

TitleA camera as a sensor for lighting and shading control
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNewsham, GR, Arsenault, C
JournalLighting Research & Technology
Date Published2009
ISBN Number1477-1535
Accession NumberWOS:000267374800004

We developed a proof-of-concept prototype camera-based system for lighting and shading control. The system utilised a simple CMOS-basecl digital camera with an approximate v-lambda filter, calibrated to provide pixel luminance values up to 10,000 cd/m(2). We demonstrated that the single camera sensor has the potential to replace the multiple sensors required by conventional systems for daylight harvesting, shading control and occupancy sensing. Performance similar to conventional systems was replicated, but in addition, alternate control algorithms based on spatial luminance information were demonstrated. However, considerable further development would be required to produce a commercial version, and there may be resistance to deployment due to privacy issues. Cameras offer other potential valuable end uses, examples are fire detection and security, which could effectively subsidise the lighting control functions, making automatic lighting controls more financially attractive, and promoting energy savings.